Love is Louder!


Remember, in 2011, how 6,000 people participated in a national love is louder day? Well, the time has come yet again to participate again!
The Love is Louder campaign was founded by actress, Britney Snow, MTV, and the JED Foundation. It was created to help spread awareness about the mental and physical things that bring us down such as bullying, eating disorder, and depression. The organization is now led by singer/actress Demi Lovato.
On September 28, to celebrate the organization’s 2nd birthday, we want to spread love! On that day, write “Love is Louder” on your hand or wrist to show how much love can be louder than the things that bring us down. Help us reach our goal of 10,000! 🙂
(Make sure to take a picture of your hand/wrist on the day of the event and post it on the event page) – Facebook group “Love is Louder”


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