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Illusion of Choices.


It took me a while to get this… Just shows you how we are being played and fooled in most of the decisions and choices we think is ours. 

A 2 day old Hedgehog <3


I know this is random, but it is THE CUTEST creature ever!! I wish I had one… Enjoy!

The proper term for a baby Hedgehog is a ‘Hoglet’. The hedgehog’s breeding season lasts from about April until September. The gestation period for hedgehogs is about four and a half weeks. Most Hedgehogs are born in July and June. Females that lose their litter for some reason are capable of having a second litter, but they are unlikely to come after October. The average family size is about 4 or 5, possibly 6 or 7. So, theoretically, given that a female can have 2 litters a year, a female hedgehog could raise 10 babies in a year. This is unlikely, as most of these baby hedgehogs would die. A more realistic figure is that a female could raise 2, possibly 3 babies a year. Hedgehogs leave their nests when they are about 4 to 5 weeks old, and they then must learn to fend for themselves. 1 out of 5 hedgehogs die before they leave the nest.

When hedgehogs are born their spines are just below the skin, so they don’t cause their mother pain. They are blind at first, but after about 2 weeks their spines begin to show more, and their eyes open. Hedgehogs also have baby teeth, just like humans. These fall out by about week 3.