Portfolio – check out my work!

The slide show and Gallery will  follow in the order that i did the projects starting from last year (second year) till the last term of this year (3 year).

1st – FURNITURE pieces include my dinning room chair (Mamkeli Chair) followed by my coffee table (Donna)

2nd – LIGHTER this project was deconstructing a lighter, then exploring all the parts, and redesigning a new one to better its aesthetics among other things.

3rd – INTERNET appliance. We had to design a futuristic internet appliance and we went with an interactive bathroom mirror. How it works is that messages (notes and to-do’s) can be sent between the bathroom mirror and the Iphone/Ipad which the users work with. View images to see what I am talking about. it was called Mirror Mirror. 

4th – BIOMIMICRY. With this project we could choose any mass produced object in the house and redesigned it using biomimcry, sustainability, and the 6  life-principles. I chose the Colgate 360 toothbrush, and ended up designing a body made from bamboo (Shaped more ergonomically, also taking away from the rubber parts), and the bristles are made from bright colors that come in orange, yellow, and red. Again refer to the images.

5th – CHAINSAW. This one was a lot of hard work. What you see here are images of the chainsaw made from timber. Using the original Bar and chain of another existing chainsaw. The Black and Decker chainsaw was used to explore parts and proportions. We then had to choose a Client to design a 1st edition chainsaw for. I chose Victorinox as my client (Famous for their Swiss Army knives). Further comments can be read in the captions of the photographs to find out more. Included in the imagery is a Page spread, and a Features and Benefits for the Alpha chainsaw. This is what I called my design.

More details will be added in the descriptions and captions of the images itself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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