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“Google and Samsung join forces to conquer the world…not really, but maybe”

“It reads like a sci-fi short: Google, giant of the computer world, who also just recently acquired an AI start-up, and Samsung, giant of just about everything else electronic, has joined forces. Well, to be fair, the two companies have announced that they will only be sharing their patents for the next 10 years. But we’re not taking off our tinfoil hats just yet.

The announcement obviously has major repercussions for consumers and other technology companies the world over, not only for the hitting power that the Google/Samsung front will now have against any other technology company in the big leagues, but also because of the period of the patent deal: 10 years in tech time is a very, very long time. Several reports have suggested that the two companies will be doing more than just swapping mobile patents to boot.

Just be glad you’re not the iCompetition.”

World’s First Ever edible Helium Baloon!


Chefs at Chicago’s Alinea Restaurant have put a new and interesting dish on the menu—edible helium balloons. . Comes with Chipmunk voice and everything! 😉 Curious on how this works? Check out the full story on this site!